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TDSA - Bringing People Together
"We are a peak body for the Queensland community transport sector, developing responses to the community's needs for transport, access and mobility."



THINK TANK events focus on major policy or practice changes that potentially have significant impact on NFP agencies’ work, practice and continued viability. 

Our events focus on topics relevant to Driving Governance and Enhancing Viability.

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What’s New


Diverse People Training Skills Workshop Concept

1. TDSA has appointed Kia Thomas as our Education & Marketing Officer.

She will be taking control over TDSA’s numerous education and training products AND she will take these services into a new dimension, commencing with its own brand and associated marketing.   Stay tuned for our new training name!

2.  Have you thought of asking TDSA to provide its THINK TANK topic(s) in-house?

The new financial year brings new boards and the necessity for a clear understanding of Governance by all board members.

Financial Literacy 

“Financial literacy isn’t just a matter of knowing what you have and your options. It is a matter of planning for life’s milestones.”  (-360 degrees of financial literacy)

Knowing the financial health of your organisation is critical for any Board, as you hold a legal responsibility to its ongoing solvency.

There are numerous reports and formats but can you understand what they are really telling you?

In this workshop you:

  • review the most common financial statements
  • learn the key indicators of good (or bad) financial health, and
  • create a checklist guide to essential financial information you need to know on a monthly, quarterly and annual basi

TDSA can deliver any of its frontline staff modules and THINK TANK topics in-house often at a cheaper p/person price than the public sessions.  For more information on the topics available and/or quote price, contact Kia on


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TDSA’s consultants have an impressive and diverse range of skills and knowledge ready to be focused on your agency’s business.For more information on our consultancy services click here Competitive rates and member discounts apply

  Linda Hayes

  • NDIS Board governance
  • Viability and sustainability reviews
  • Strategic planning and risk management
  • Business Process auditing
  • WH&S
  • Risk Management
  • Market branding   resulting in business growth and evolution through stronger board and company leadership

 Sharon Redmond

  • Human resource management and practices
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Community development
  • Organisational development and management
  • Client-focused service delivery to young people, older people, people with disabilities . mental health conditions, women and children in domestic violence refuges and Indigenous communities

 Peter Kieseker

  • Leading through changing times
  • Using situational leadership with your team
  • Influencing skills
  • Change management
  • Teams/teamwork/team-ness

Ken Leigh

  • Financial management systems and processes specific to NFPs
  • Unit costing and pricing of services
  • Accounting and compliance auditing
  • Legal issues particularly service agreements, brokerage, contracting
  • Viability and sustainability measurement, benchmarking and monitoring
  • Social enterprises – establishing and developing
  • NDIS preparation reviews and audits.


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