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"We are a peak body for the Queensland community transport sector, developing responses to the community's needs for transport, access and mobility."


 2018 Calendar  

+ 1 new location

THINK TANK events focus on major policy or practice changes that potentially have significant impact on NFP agencies’ work, practice and continued viability. 

Our events focus on topics relevant to Driving Governance and Enhancing Viability. Member discounts apply – Click here to go to membership

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What’s New


Transport Act Training  


TDSA’s 1st subscriber-based, online training module

Subscribers can now deliver mandatory training (for transport providers with general level of operator accreditation), and best practice (for community level operator accreditation holders) on the Transport Operations Act.

The subscription includes:

  • workbook and handout master
  • Individual pass-worded access to videoed delivery
  • Workbook designed to provide agency’s evidence of training and knowledge acquisition
  • Monthly alert to any department Transport legislative changes that impact on workbook content and/or handouts

Any agency interested in this new product and service please contact Jenny –



CSA’s Organisational tools for NDIS

On sale now via TDSA

Linda Hayes, Director of Corporate Synergies Australia, in presenting TDSA’s THINK TANK events indicates a number of resources she has available for sale.  TDSA is now a distributor of these resources.

The tools / documents all related to NDIS are:

  • Navigating the NDIS – WORKBOOK
  • Preparing NDIS Service Agreements
  • NDIS Registration Mapping Tool
  • NDIS Business Practices Checklist
  • NDIS Policies and Procedures Kit
  • NDIS Finance Kit
  • Get your clients ready too!      CSA’s Participant’s Diary and Support Checklist
  • CSA’s Letter of Dissatisfaction Template

Click here for more details of each item and price