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helpTDSA has particular expertise in a diverse range of areas, including:

  • NDIS
  • Aged Care Reform
  • Governance
  • Financial viability
  • Community-based transport

Depending on the nature of the consultancy and size our rate basis will be either hourly, weekly or fixed fee.  Consultancy services are offered to TDSA members at a 25% discounted rate on whatever basis is agreed for the consultancy.

Want to talk to us about some consultancy work?   Click here and complete the enquiry form and we’ll contact you ASAP.

A number of consultancy services are available, all at member discount rates:

1.  Associates/Consultants

TDSA has a range of Associates (Consultants) with a diverse range of skills sets, all available for direct contact by you. Click here to see TDSA’s Associates/Consultants and their skills sets etc.

2. Facilitation

Working in a competitive environment often necessitates bringing together a range of stakeholders. TDSA can assist you in this by:

  • Providing sample documents (eg. flyers, invitations, participant register) involved in convening community forums, focus groups or decision-making sessions.
  • Facilitating the workshop or session to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Documenting the content elicited at the workshop or session.

3. Mentoring, professional supervision

Often the work of strategic and operational management is problematic, even more so when major reform is underway.   Often it comes to a few senior managers to focus solely on this issue often, working alone.

Working without peers who understand the challenges and rewards inherent to this work, can create a real sense of isolation and reduces your ability to think outside the square.

TDSA can assist by:

  • Providing professional supervision to workers addressing these issues;
  • Coach you about solutions, processes and approaches; and
  • Mentoring to achieve best practice in whatever your sector.

4. Program Evaluations & Reviews

Organisations are often obligated as part of its funding contract to review either its entire program or specific projects/initiatives offered by that program. TDSA has the credibility and sensitivity to review your project or organisation.

5. Research

TDSA has a demonstrable record in successfully undertaking social research, predominately in community-based transport issues at local community level and state-wide.  Its credibility within the community-based transport sector and its access a diverse population base enables TDSA to deliver reliable and valid findings.

6. Resource development

TDSA has a proven track record in developing a diverse range of resources and manuals in response to issues. Its extensive links into and within non-government organisations working on transport issues, means TDSA is a valuable source of editorial expertise and knowledge when developing your resources, policies, documents or manuals.

7. Tailored community-based transport solutions

Developing transport solutions that achieve the maximum fit between each community’s unique barriers and existing resources can sometimes be challenging.

What to do? How to do it? Hasn’t someone else done something like this already?

This combination of knowledge and networks positions TDSA as the most successful agency to competently and effectively develop transport solutions best suited to your community.