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TDSA’s consultants have an impressive and diverse range of skills and knowledge ready to be focused on your agency’s business.

Competitive rates and member discounts apply

Peter Kieseker (TACT)Peter_Kieseker

  • Leading through changing times
  • Using situational leadership with your team
  • Influencing skills
  • Change management
  • Teams/teamwork/team-ness

Linda Hayes (Corporate Synergies Australia)

  • Board governancelinda photo
  • Viability and sustainability reviews
  • Strategic planning and risk management
  • Business Process auditing
  • WH&S
  • Risk Management
  • Market branding

……..  resulting in business growth and evolution through stronger board and company leadership

Sharon Redmond (Just Community Solutions)Jenny's signature-0

  • human resource management and practices
  • mental health in the workplace
  • community development
  • organisational development and management
  • client-focused service delivery to young people, older people, people with disabilities . mnetial health conditions, women and children in domestic violence refuges and Indigenous communities

Ken Leigh (TDSA volunteer)

  • Financial management systems and processes specific to NFPsKen Photo
  • Unit costing and pricing of services
  • Accounting and compliance auditing
  • Legal issues particularly service agreements, brokerage, contracting
  • Viability and sustainability measurement, benchmarking and monitoring
  • Social enterprises – establishing and developing
  • NDIS preparation reviews and audits.


 Design Corner                  Design Corner_landscape_full colour_OUTLINES

 Services offered:

For professional assistance in desktop publishing and designing:

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Email bulletins
  • Conference programs

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