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Transport Act Module Video

Transport providers with a General level of Operator Accreditation are required for compliance to conduct training on the Passenger Transport Operations Act within 2 months of a staff member (not just drivers, but all staff members – paid and volunteer) commencing work.

Legislation, Office Binder on Wooden Desk. On the table colored pencils, pen, notebook paper

TDSA also recommends an annual update of this training as best practice.

This video is meant to be used alongside the workbook and the specified handouts.

Each person undergoing the training should have their own booklet as this is both evidence of your compliance with the legislation for your agency and the driver should the Dept Transport and Mains Road conduct an audit (which will be unannounced/unscheduled, should it ever happen).

The answers to the knowledge check are all within the preceding unit’s content. 

You can stop the video at any time plus go back to rehear something.  At the end of each unit you can pause the video to complete the knowledge check questions.

Ensure the driver signs and dates the content and knowledge check pages and you sign to verify this training too.

Agencies should retain a copy of the content and knowledge check pages in that driver’s file; this will be your evidence of driver training on the required topics sought by Dept of Transport  Main Roads.

As part of your subscription your agency will get a monthly alert emailed to you indicating whether there has been any changes to any of the handouts or content within the module. 


The link below will open in a new tab. Once opened, select your Agency from the playlist and enter your ticket password to watch the video:

click here to play video 

(Note you will need Adobe Flash Player activated (Chrome) or installed (Edge and Firefox) to see the videos – incompatible with IE- Internet Explorer)



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