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The way government funding programs/services are designed and delivered not only can create unmet transport, access and mobility needs, but also affects the development of innovative solutions to unmet transport needs.

Below are the key pieces of legislation or policy statements that impact your daily life or agency’s operations.

Department of Transport & Main Roads

Maranoa Demonstration Project

Department of Transport and Main Roads 2014
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Qld Transport Policy Determination

re: clarification of funded CT, 2010
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Qld Transport Policy Determination

re:  Motor vehicle in General OA, 2010
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re: OA for medical-related transport, 2009
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Disability and Community Care Services

Community Services Forum Powerpoints

Disability & Community Services, 2013
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Community Care Manual (State)

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Disability and Community Care Services, 2012
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Premiers or Treasury Dept

Queensland Plan

Premiers Dept, 2014
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Department of Communities

The Community Services Act 2007 – safeguarding funding and cutting red tape

Powerpoint presentation to 10 September, 2014 Information Session
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Qld Health
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
Local Government
Australian Government Legislation

2015 Intergenerational Report (full)

Dept Finance, Australian Government
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NDIS Prices for NSW

NDS,  2nd July, 2014
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The case for some block funding – NDIS

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Social Inclusion in Australia: How Australia is faring

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet    © Commonwealth of Australia 2012  
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NDIS insurance model

PricewaterhouseCoopers, 15th October 2012, Presentation to the NDS State Conference QLD
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Living Well, Living Longer

Dept Health & Ageing, 2011
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Assets & Depreciation – casestudies

(c) 2012.  Australian Government
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Commonwealth HACC Program Manual

(c) 2012 Australian Government
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