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Resources -THINK TANKS

THINK TANK resources are now available for download from the website.  

Just choose the topic you have paid to attend and download the documents.

click on topic and enter the password you have been given

    1. Sharing the sandpit: Collaboration, brokerage and service partnerships

    2. Spreading the word about doing it your way: marketing your competitive edge

    3. Essential Changes to your Financial Systems from 1 July 2018

    4. NDIS Payment Requests through MyPlace Portal

    5. NDIS The Planning Meeting

    6. NDIS Dissatisfaction with Planning Interview

    7. NDIS for Frontline Staff

    8. NDIS – 12 months to go

    9. Reviewing  policies and procedures under NDIS terms of business

    10. NDIS: Guidelines and how they impact business practices

    11. NDIS: Registering as a service provider

    12. NDIS: Resolving disputes under service agreements

    13. NDIS: Creating your NDIS Service Agreements

    14. NDIS: Essential changes to your financial systems

    15. NDIS: Ensuring viability: Unit costing your services

    16. NDIS: Client service agreements

    17. NDIS:  Collaborating through service partnerships

    18. NDIS: Providing support services through a brokerage agreement

    19. NDIS: Marketing your competitive edge

    20. NDIS: Preparing NDIS participants for interview

    21. NDIS: Governance implications for Board and Executives

    22. NDIS: Effectively managing heightened risk factors

    23. Succeeding in Social Enterprise

    24. Advocacy – Your organisation

    25. Advocacy – Representing clients

    26. Consortia, Mergers & Partnerships

    27. Drafting client service agreements

    28. Consumer-directed care unit pricing

    29. Government Outsourcing

    30. Better value from auditors 

    31. Managing workplace complaints & investigations

    32. Modernizing constitutions 

    33. Social accounting & auditing

    34. Transition to Company-Limited-by- Guarantee

    35. Legal skills for community services

    36. Shadow costing – unit pricing

    37. How to market on a limited budget and resources