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Information is power.

It is for this reason that receiving the E-bulletin is not linked to TDSA membership.

Information is also critical to our mission of bringing Queenslanders together to address unmet transport, access and mobility needs.   It’s equally critical to community care agencies making informed decision-making.

TDSA’s monthly email bulletin keeps you up-to-date on a wide range of subjects focused on transport, access and mobility.

You are encouraged to forward our email bulletin to others in your networks.

This trickle out dissemination basis accounts for an extensive and impressive  ‘reach’, for example, eight readers  sent it to a further 2,894 other people across Queensland.   TDSA also sends it to readers in other states of Australia and internationally.

You are invited at any time to contribute article, comments, items, photos etc.

To subscribe or contribute to our newsletters,                click here to contact us.

If you wish copies of any e-bulletins from 2009 to 2014,               click here to contact us.

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