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Research & Evidence-Based Practice

Keeping abreast of current research and evidence-based practice is critical in today’s ever-increasingly complex context. There is a continual need to keep abreast of best practice, new legislation, new equipment, need for new policy and procedures and so much more.  The benefits of these resources include:

  • Being a one-stop shop about what’s available in respect of transport, access and mobility issues and practice
  • Reduce time and resources wasted on “staying up to date’
  • Open the door to knowing how others do things
  • Easier access to information on current ‘big’ issues

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Items available in this category

"Social Sustainability in Urban Areas" (hardcover)

The lastest book from Dr Karen Lucas (editors...
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"Auto Motives" (Hardback)

Auto Motives: Understanding Car Use Behaviours A large...
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"Lessons learnt about HACC Transport" (e-Book)

This document records the reflections and lessons learnt...
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"Co-ordinated Transport for the Community" (Report)

This report comprises a report and ‘fact sheets’,...
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"A Whole of Community Transport Model" (e-Book)

Working successfully in the community about transport issues...
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Transport Resources Audit Tool

TDSA (c) 2012 This tool will assist you...
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Transport Co-ordinator - David Malone Presentation (DVD)

Transport and access is a problem in Britain’s...
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